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Entering special characters

April 30th, 2013 at 10:04

I’ve started a new place-names project where we want people to be able to search for elements of place-names. Many of these elements contain “special characters”, for example the elements of Beeston are the Old English bēos and tūn (look it up in KEPN!).

Lots of web based GUIs, including the editor for this blog, contain buttons to “insert special characters” but these are often not pretty plus dont contain all the characters that I’m interested in (eg ū — thats u with a macron).

So I’ve prototyped an ajax search where the user can type in plain text (eg tu) and receive a list of matching elements to choose from and these contain special characters (eg tuffe, tūkere, … tún, tūn). The user also has the choice to ignore the suggestions and type or paste in text of their choice so hopefully this will keep everyone happy.

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