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The 3 strikes rule

April 30th, 2013 at 06:04

During one of my stints as SupportWorks gatekeeper I had several calls where I had requested more information about the problem in order to determine how to resolve it. These came ‘off-hold’ still with no updates from the customer. I wondered what we ought to be doing with these problems, surely we shouldn’t just resolve them? So I asked what the IT Helpdesk what the policy was.

I was advised that they take the 3 strikes approach:
1) Request further information and place the call on hold for a week. Strike 1.
2) If there is no response in that week, then write to the customer again. Ask whether the problem still exists and ask again for further information. Then place on hold for a week. Strike 2.
3) If, again, there is no response. Write to the customer explaining that you are handling the support call on their behalf. Ask for further information, explaining that if you don’t hear back that we shall assume that it is no longer an issue and close the call. Again, place the call on hold for a week. Strike 3.
4) Having still got got a response, resolve the call.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be the same inidividual dealing with the call. The gatekeeper should be able to handle the repeat requests for further information or resolving the call after the 3rd strike.

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