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Hipstertastic MySQL – A Success?

March 22nd, 2013 at 07:03

‘The World’s most advanced open source database… over 15 million estimated installations, used by 9 of the ten top web sites in the world…’.  Very cool.

Bought by Oracle in 2009.  Not so cool.

Oracle spends money on it – ‘drives MySQL innovation’ as they put it.

Nottingham puts it in to support an Enterprise service.  Parts of this service go slowly – the database is blamed, it must be fixed or… back to Oracle or onto PostreSQL which seems to be favoured by some, far more hipstertastic than MySQL now, ‘Postgres just works… yes we have expertise in Postgres…’ ah, such déjà vu!

Is there a need to move our Enterprise service from MySQL back to Oracle?

It needed a lot of focus and resource, it needed the development of expert knowledge of how the application worked with the database (far deeper than previously needed), it needed money to purchase Enterprise add-ons and 24×7 support, we flew in an expert from Oracle/MySQL Sweden (who thought it was warn here).

MySQL is capable of meeting the demands of our enterprise level service.

The impressive new raft of features in the latest version (which we will standardise on) have made this product, which is refreshingly comprehensible, a genuine contender for most levels of service.  It wasn’t free though, it didn’t ‘just work’, and it won’t keep meeting our similarly higher end needs unless we in Nottingham keep on our game.

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