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Recipe of the Month: Curry and mango pickle

September 1st, 2011 at 08:09

Last month’s pickled cauliflower recipe made use of exotic spices from the East and West Indies. British people who lived and worked in the colonies often brought back ‘foreign’ recipes and adapted them for home use. Curry was very popular. These recipes are taken from Elenor Mundy’s book, begun in 1728. The curry recipe was written down at that time, but the pickle recipe was added to the book at a later date, possibly as late as the 1760s.

Coree, An Indian Dish (MS 86, p.32r)

Take of Lamb, Mutton, or any Fowle, cutt in peices, set it over the fire with as much water as will cover it in your Stewpan. Let it boyle untill it be allmost tender, then take the Meat out of the broth, scome the broth, and let it settle, then cut one Onion, or more, then beat with a little drye Rice, Cloves, Mace, Nuttmeg, Gingar, and pepper with a bit of Turmerick. Strew the spices on the meat, put in a piece of Butter to your pipkin, and let it be well melted – then put in your Onions, with some Cucumers cutt in bitts, and let them boyle with your butter, ’till they are brown, then put in your Meat, just covering it with your Liquor, add french beans that have been very well boyled together. When your Meat is tender, mingle with a little of your Liquor the yolks of two Eggs, and the Juice of a Lemon, mix that with the Liquor and Meat, then put all into your Dish with hard Eggs upon it.

True Mango Pickle as abroad (MS 86, p.111v)

White Wine Vinegar boil’d with salt sufficient to raise a Scum, a Quarter of a pound of Mustard seed pounded (to a Pint of Vinegar), half an ounce of Race ginger slic’d thin, Eight or ten Cloves of Garlick, boile all together, let it stand till cold, then put it to your Mangoes. N.B. the Quantity of Vinegar must be in proportion to the Number of Mangoes.


scome = scum

pipkin = a small (usually earthenware) pot or pan [Oxford English Dictionary]

race ginger = root ginger

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