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The animals of Stoke Bardolph and Bulcote Farm

July 22nd, 2011 at 08:07

Horse work ledger detail

Bulcote Farm Horse Work Book 1912-1913 (RSB 19/4)

Ledgers recording employment and wages which name employees can be used to trace relatives and gain an insight into their working lives. A small series of registers in the Records of Stoke Bardolph and Bulcote Model Farms, 1892-1975, list the names of some of the horses at the farms, detailing their daily work. Peggie, Constance, Fortitude and Policeman were involved in ploughing, carting manure, taking turnips to Nottingham, and when not required for farm work, they might be resting or be on hire to the Gas Department.

The records show how the use of motor vehicles and tractors took over from horses in terms of transportation needs, but animals continued to play an important role and at times, the farm has been a centre of pedigree shire horses, pigs and cows. Aeration units completed in 1960 provided a further stage to sewage treatment, allowing rotation of the land receiving digested sludge, which created growth in dairy farming; by 1980 it was one of the largest milk producers in the country, supplying many local businesses and institutions, including some of the University’s own halls of residence.

Cow at Bulcote Farm

Cow investigating machinery at Bulcote Farm 1977 (From Acc 2172)

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