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Recipe of the Month: Strawberry wine

July 1st, 2011 at 08:07

As it’s the beginning of July, and the Wimbledon tournament is on, it seemed appropriate to find a strawberry recipe. This recipe for fortified strawberry wine comes from a recipe book started in 1737 by Mrs Margaret Willoughby, wife of Edward Willoughby of Aspley Hall.

To make Strawberry Wine (MS 87/4, p. 233)

To a Gallon of water [add] 2½ Pound of coarse Sugar Lump, boil it clear with Eggs as you do with Cowslip wine, when allmost Cold put in a Little barm, work it in a tub sturing [stirring] once or twice a day till it has gott some white specks upon it, then put it into a Barrell with 2 Quarts of Strawberrys to each Gallon, stop it up for a Quarter of a year, then draw out of your Vessel into a stubb, then put to it a Gallon of white Wine & a Bottle of Brandy to Ten Gallons of Wine, then Bottle it off.

Mrs Hacket


Gallon = 8 pints

Barm = yeast

Quart = 2 pints

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