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The wonder of the telephone

2 June 29th, 2011 at 12:06

The 30th of June 2011 marks the 130th anniversary of the opening of University College, Nottingham. This is part of a series of blogs as taken from the Nottingham and Midland Counties Daily Express, which recorded the events of the day.

Telephone communication with the University College premises was laid on by the National Telephone Company Limited, to enable Professor Fleming’s lectures to be taken as well as that of Professors Clowes; but, owing to the crowded state of the rooms, and the passing of tramcars and carriages in Parliament-street, it was impossible to report them fully. Some of their observations, however, were distinctly heard, but the connecting words were occasionally inaudible. A conversation was kept up for some time between an officer of the Company in the College and one of the reporters on the staff of the Express, so that for all the purposes of intercourse between distant branches of any business or the various department of a public establishment, the invention must be really invaluable, and its ultimate adoption by public bodies generally is only a matter of time. The solo on the cornet, “Home, sweet home,” was very plainly heard about twenty minutes to eleven o’clock.

  1. Seems far removed from today’s world – the laying on of telephone communications

    Posted by Shaun Hare
  2. This is fascinating. A hundred and thirty years later and video conferencing is still relatively unusual.

    Posted by J Horton

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