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New Exhibition – ‘Money, Money, Money’

June 8th, 2011 at 09:06

Visitors to the Business Library can see a new exhibition of material from Manuscripts and Special Collections exploring the world of finance and accounting.

Billets de necessite from Cambrai (c.1916)

The display looks back to an era before online banking, credit cards, or chip and pin machines, to chart the development of modern financial systems. For example, did you know that the wording on a modern bank note ‘I promise to pay the bearer on demand…’ comes from historic promissory notes? Or that cheques needed to be ‘crossed’, literally struck through, to ensure that they couldn’t be passed from one individual to another? As well as examples of both of these historic means of financial transaction, the exhibition also includes a rare piece of emergency currency from World War 1, recently discovered in the Lawson archive.

Students of Business and Finance who want to know more about historic accounting and business practices of the past will find many resources in Manuscripts and Special Collections. Archivists have also created a series of research guides to help you understand historic documents, including accounting records.

‘Money, Money, Money’ will be on display in the Business Library until Christmas.

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