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Recipe of the month: Thin cream pancakes

June 4th, 2011 at 08:06

These very thin pancakes are somewhat richer than those we are used to eating on Pancake Day, as they contain cream (instead of milk), and added brandy or ‘sack’ (fortified wine, such as sherry or madeira). The opulent ingredients would have meant these pancakes were reserved only for the rich. The name ‘quire of paper’ comes from the fact that the pancakes were stacked high like a pile of sheets of paper. The recipe comes from Mrs Willoughby’s recipe book, added some time after the first recipes were written down in 1737, and is attributed to Mrs Sellwood.

Thin cream pancakes called a Quire of Paper (MS 87/4, p. 38)

A pint of Cream, 8 Egges, leave out 2 whites, three spoonfuls of fine flower, three spoonfulls of sack or Brandy, a little sugar, a grated Nutmeg, a quarter of a pound of butter melted in the Cream, mingle all well together, mixing the flower with a little Cream at first, that it may be smooth. Butter the Pan for the first time you fry the first pancake, let ‘em run as thin as possible to be whole. When one side is cover’d enough take em with care out of the Pan and sift some fine Sugar between each Layer.

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