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Survey results

May 26th, 2011 at 04:05

Thank you to those visitors to our Reading Room who took part in the survey we ran in February to March in association with the Archives and Records Association. We are delighted to report that readers were generally extremely positive about the service we offer.

Responding to questions “about your visit experience” four aspects of the service were rated good or very good by 97% or more of surveyees – these were:- quality and appropriateness of the staff’s advice; helpfulness and friendliness of the staff; document delivery; and the archive’s service overall.

A small proportion of surveyees ticked boxes to identify areas for possible improvement. These were:- catalogues and guides; website; opening hours; on site computer facilities; microfilm and fiche viewing facilities. We will be looking at these areas to see if any changes can be made. One of the difficulties of a survey like this is that unless accompanying comments make issues clear, it is hard to interpret the responses. We would love to have more information for example, about why some people experience difficulty using the catalogues, or what improvements they think we should make to the website.

People’s comments are usually more revealing than ticks in boxes, and we hope to respond to those that raise specific issues. For example, we are looking at improving the online directions for getting to King’s Meadow by public transport; and offering a day rate for digital photography.

Of course you don’t have to wait until the next survey to tell us what you think about our service! We are very glad to receive feedback at any time, in person or by email. Contact forms for general enquiries/comments and website feedback are available on our website at

Finally, we can’t resist sharing some of the kindest comments with you:

“This is an excellent archive – well run, well catalogued and a pleasure to visit. Staff strike the balance between protecting material and helping readers to access it (which isn’t always the case in archives).”

“The reception and archive staff are extremely helpful and well-informed, and the document delivery/storage is fast and efficient. Prior to my research here I had heard positive feedback regarding the staff and service here, and my experience has lived up to these high expectations. Many thanks!”

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