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May 13th, 2011 at 09:05

Girl viewing the exhibition

Taking part in the Treasure Hunt!

Last Saturday saw the University’s annual Mayfest for alumni, supporters and the community. Manuscripts and Special Collections had our usual activities based at the Lakeside Pavilion, as well as more formal events with the Vice Chancellor and in the Great Hall.

Bearing in mind that the weather was not as good as last year, we were delighted to record over 450 visitors to our activities in Hospitality and our new exhibition ‘Home and Abroad’ in the Weston Gallery and our activities mostly had a ‘maps’ theme.  As last year Caroline decided to dress up to advertise our presence, choosing to be an Edwardian traveller (complete with contemporary Gladstone bag) which helped to encourage some visitors to come into our space.

This year, linking in with the map theme, we offered a treasure hunt for younger visitors and their parents/carers.  Participants had to choose a scroll and break the wax seal to find the questions, written in an ‘old-fashioned’ script.  The answers to half of the questions could be found in the Weston Gallery, and for the remainder, those taking part had to go outside, look carefully round the Lakeside area and walk down to the Lake.  They returned with their scrolls completed and were offered gold coins as a reward.  This proved very popular and we had to create more scrolls to keep pace with demand!  By 4pm we had worked our way through 65 scrolls, and then introduced the new activity sheet into the Weston Gallery, which is based on the Treasure Hunt questions, but sadly, without the gold money reward!

Can you think of a witty caption?

We also ran a photo caption quiz with many suggestions for this curious photograph.  The winning entry, by Mr Harrison of Hucknall, was “Look four channels, more than you will ever need”. If you think you can do better, why not post a suggestion as a comment? 

The map quiz, based on three old maps of Nottingham, proved quite challenging and we were glad we had provided a magnifying glass to help people.  Some visitors were just really interested to see and be able easily to compare, old maps of Nottingham, but others put a lot of effort into answering the questions.  As with the photo-caption quiz, we have now notified the dispatched the prize to Mr Watt of Sherwood.

It was great to see so many families in Lakeside for they day and to be able to tell them all about the world of archives and the wonderful holdings we have here at Kings Meadow. If you missed the opportunity to come this year, keep an eye out for next year’s event!

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