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Recipe of the month: Eggs with asparagus

May 1st, 2011 at 05:05

British-grown asparagus has only a short season at the start of the summer. Nowadays it is possible to buy asparagus in supermarkets most of the year round, but in the 18th century it would have been a seasonal treat. This simple recipe for a kind of asparagus omelette comes from Elenor Mundy’s 1728 recipe book.

Des Oeuf et l’Arsperge (MS 86, p. 51r)

Boyle tender the green heads of Hisparagus – chopp it small, then beat your eggs as for a Fricacee. Stirr in some grated Nuttmegg, Mace, Allspice and a little Salt, then put to it your chopp’d Hisparagus, and keep it shakeing ’till it be thick, over the fire in your Stew pan – and when it is ready lay Sippetts fry’d in butter at bottome of your dish and pour this upon them; so serve it up.


Sippetts = sippets, small pieces of toasted or fried bread, rather like modern-day croutons

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