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Lace pattern books

April 5th, 2011 at 08:04

A recent enquiry asked about one of our lace pattern books held here at Manuscripts and Special Collections. The books comes from the collection of Cookson, Haseldine and Manderfield, lace manufacturers of Stoney Street, Nottingham. Evidence of the company has all but disappeared and there are only mentions of them in trades directories from 1891. The company was wound up in the 1960s. Their records form part of a very miscellaneous collection of lace company papers (ref. L/C) and the pattern books contain designs for ‘frilly’ lace, of the type you would see on lace curtains, or dresses. This is opposed to ‘livery’ lace, which was used on military uniforms. Here you can see just one of the many pages of designs in the volume.

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