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Recipe of the month: Chicken pie

February 1st, 2011 at 08:02

Elenor Mundy’s recipe book, dated 1728, contains this recipe for a warming chicken pie. The pie also includes ‘forcemeat’ – a type of stuffing – and rather more surprisingly, a large quantity of oysters. The recipe implies that the chickens were placed whole into the pastry casing, but the procedure must surely have involved chicken pieces, perhaps already cooked.

A Chicken Pye (MS 86, p. 70r)

Make your Crust short, but drye and not too much, then season three fatt chickens with Pepper, and salt, and lay them into your Pye, with balls of forc’d meat made of Pork, Sage, Mace, Pepper and Salt, put in allso a pinte of fresh good Oysters, and some large Mace – Cover it with fresh butter, put on the lidd, set it in the Oven, where it will take an hour, thereabouts, to bake it.

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