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New learning resource on British Prime Ministers

November 22nd, 2010 at 12:11

U-NOW, The University of Nottingham’s repository for Open Courseware has recently launched a resource produced by Richard Gaunt of the School of History in conjunction with Manuscripts and Special Collections. It charts the careers of Prime Ministers 1783-1852 and draws upon the rich visual resources available to students of the period and held at Kings Meadow Campus. The site takes you through the history of the period by means of quizzes and games. To learn more and have a go yourself click here.

Richard Gaunt has made extensive use of the holdings at Manuscripts and Special Collections for his research and teaching. Last year he produced an exhibition on Gladstone and the politics of the nineteenth century in Nottinghamshire, in conjunction with staff from Manuscripts and Special Collections. Podcasts from the exhibition are available on our website.

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