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No jazz please, they’re students…

March 12th, 2010 at 09:03

A memorandum found in the papers of Edmund Huntsman who was instrumental in the founding of University College Nottingham records a discussion between Lord Trent and himself in 1930 regarding their concerns over the conduct of the students.

“an effort should be made to keep the dance music as high as reasonably possible. Jazz for instance should be kept in some sort of proper relation to the whole. There should be no difficulty in introducing a measure of better music. There is of course no idea of making their enjoyments gloomy or dull, merely to try to preserve a certain level of taste.”

Raucous dancing was not their only concern – the two men also complained of students indulging too much in sport and argued that:

“This should not be allowed to run to extremes. Query is the indulgence now getting to a point when it is a danger to health? Could a doctor be employed to test fitness for the greater strains of athletic exertion?”

Obviously concerns about students neglecting their studies are nothing new!

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