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May 22nd, 2014 at 08:05

 Close of pilot – May/June 2014

This pilot ebook service, which went live in March, is now drawing to a close as funds available are used up. For a further short period users will be able only to “Request” the ebook and the library subject team will purchase from their own funds if the request is approved.

The message on the ebook landing page has been changed slightly – see below for the main example.  (Similar messages appear at different stages.)

This screen below will show for all Ebooks at Nottingham – chosen by you ebooks on the catalogue which have not been purchased. Any completely unused titles will soon be permanently withdrawn from the library catalogue.  Any titles which were used as a Short Term Loan but not purchased will then remain for one more month until the end of term, at which point they too will be suppressed.




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