Time to shelve the book habit

2 November 5th, 2010 at 10:11

Yesterday the Times Higher Education included a library story, Time to shelve the book habit, following the debate about the future of university libraries, hosted by Times Higher Education at the British Library last week: “Is the physical library a redundant resource for 21st-century academics?”

We are changing our physical library. Over the next 12 months, we will remove from the library around 100m of reference material that is available and used online. We will also remove around 100m of print journals over the next year that are available online in the JSTOR archive, just the beginning of a move towards the digital archive on JSTOR.

This will provide the opportunity for new learning spaces in our libraries. It also helps to protect the shelving space available for the huge collection of books which continue to be important for Arts and Humanities research and teaching.

  1. I am not a technophobe, but titles like “Time to shelve the book habit” might be reconsidered. Our culture is much more in jeopardy of losing the book habit than of clinging to it. And open physical stacks can be prompts to the imagination. Librarians are our first line of defense in preserving space for the book.

    Posted by C Phelps
  2. Christopher,
    “Time to shelve the book habit” was the provocative title used in the Times Higher Education. By removing some reference material and the print archive of some of our journals, we are protecting the space available for new books in the open physical stacks in the Hallward Library.

    Posted by N Smyth

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