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A Summer of Moodle #2: Quick wins: Collapsed Topics

August 4th, 2020 at 03:08

Collapsed topicsCollapsed topics are an easy way to avoid the “Scroll of Death” on your Moodle page. They look tidy and clear,

All sections (topics) except the top General one have a toggle that displays that section. As the editing teacher you can set it so that:

  • All sections can be displayed at any given time or only one
  • Users can expand each section individually, by clicking on the title bar (though not on the title itself), or, using Open All, show all the content in all the sections.
  • Titles can be centred or left-aligned
  • Brief section summaries can be shown when the sections are collapsed, or just the title shown
Screenshot of collapsed topics format with summaries visible when collapsed

As a lecturer it can be easier to move resources and activities around in a module with Collapsed Topics because you can open just the two you need and it’s quicker to drag and drop.

Accessibility considerations

To optimise accessibility, ensure

  • Ensure sections (topics)  are clearly and accurately labelled, for accessibility and clarity
  • Organise material and activities by week, unit or topic, rather than activity (e.g., don’t put all the readings in one section, all the seminar handouts in another section, etc.)

We don’t encourage you to change the colours as the colours organised by default in Moodle have been optimised for accessibility.

A Summer of Moodle

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