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Top tips to make your learning materials more accessible #2

October 24th, 2019 at 09:10

The Home Office has made available these posters about designing for accessibility.  The two about designing for users on the autistic spectrum, and designers for users with screen readers may be most helpful

Download Home Office posters

Tips (that are good practice for all users) include:

  • Use simple (not bright contrasting) colours
  • Write in plain language (without figures of speech, acronyms or idioms, unless clearly explained and appropriate)
  • Use simple sentences and bullet points (rather than long chunks of text)
  • keep layout simple, consistent and uncluttered (a logical linear layout such as Moodle offers by default is easier to read than spreading content randomly all over a page)
  • provide descriptions or titles for images, and transcripts or caption for videos (not necessarily required for lecture captures)
  • write descriptive text for links, headings and buttons (not just “click here” or “Section 1″)

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