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Microsoft Teams Meetings 1: blurring your background

August 3rd, 2019 at 09:08

Many of us at the University work in open plan offices, but we still have cause to use Microsoft Teams Meetings for a live online meeting with colleagues.

To prevent colleagues being visible to the other attendees via your webcam, or to obscure confidential or irrelevant material in your physical environment, it’s possible to blur your background in the call. This background blur is able to blur your surroundings while leaving you yourself clear and visible.

To activate Background Blur during meetings

When you go into the meeting, select the setting for Blur My Background as in the image below

Teams Meeting How To Blur

This results in your background being blurred as illustrated below:

It isn’t perfect (I notice some of my hair has disappeared into the blur!) but it can very much reduce background distractions. It can be particularly useful if you’re joining a call from a public place or home.

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