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Five minutes with… the Faculty and School Support Learning Technology Consultants

May 23rd, 2019 at 07:05

The Faculty and School Support team are a front line team of Learning Technology consultants who work closely with academic colleagues and students to help embed the use of digital learning tools and online pedagogy across the university. They are part of the Learning Technology Section in University of Nottingham Libraries.

What 3 words describe our team?


And a few more: Dynamic, Tenacious, Professional, Motivated, Fun

Tell us something about the Team

  • One member holds an award in wines and spirits
  • Three of us are horse riders
  • A couple of us enjoy dancing of various kinds…
  • We can sometimes be seen boating on the lake or trying out local food establishments
  • We are supportive of each other and value each others’ areas of special expertise

What excites you about learning technology?

  • The people I meet
  • Every day is different, bringing a new challenge…
  • … And there’s always something new to learn
  • The potential to transform students’ lives via their experience of learning

Tell us about a project you’re currently doing

  • Helping set up a new Medical School in Lincoln
  • Working with Microsoft to identify how best to use Office 365 and Teams in teaching and learning
  • Helping a module convenor with reflective video submissions
  • Supporting dissemination of the good practice presented at our recent teaching and learning conference
  • Developing an initiative to develop students’ digital capabilities
  • Supporting a project to develop a learning design protocol uniquely suited to the University

Your top tip(s) for our users?

  • Don’t be afraid to ask us a question! Just framing the question can inspire the answer
  • Everyone here has a strong suite of tools available to us – utilise the correct tool for the job, and if unsure talk to the team
  • Technology doesn’t always work perfectly first time but please persist – and we are here to help
  • Make use of the extensive Moodle Help resources

What do you think will be the most important thing in learning technology in the next few years?

  • Online marking and Artificial Intelligence
  • Moving services to the cloud
  • Rise of personalised and tailored learning based on big data
  • Convergence of technologies for learning, life and work

What have you learned recently and how?

  • I learned a lot more about student diversity during an online course I ran for staff across our three global campuses
  • I learned a lot about the way our Malaysian colleagues work, getting inspiration and ideas, during a recent trip.
  • I’ve learned from experience that steaming wallpaper off a ceiling is far worse than steaming it off a wall
  • Via a DSE learning package I learned that sitting at your desk for too long is dangerous to your health – I’ll be circulating advice.

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