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Using Moodle Assignments for Group Work

March 19th, 2019 at 01:03

Moodle Assignments are really flexible and useful when setting up submission of groupwork. Set up an assignment for groups, and any member of a group can submit, and it will appear against all the other members of the group.  Mark one assignment and the marks and feedback appear against all the others in the group automatically. (Or you can, if you wish, choose to mark them separately.)

It does rely on a few key actions:

  • Always use a grouping for group assignments – i.e. tell Moodle which particular set of groups are going to be used in this assignment.   If you don’t do that, Moodle will use all the groups, and will be quite confused if students are members of more than one.  For example, where there is one set of groups for group submission of a project plan, and also groups for Assurance of Learning – students will definitely be in the first set of groups, but only a proportion will also be in the second set.


In the case above, the group assignment is set up to use the grouping “Group Assignment” – which will ignore Set A and Set B

  • Set up groups BEFORE submission. Submissins cannot be adjusted if made before the groups are sorted out. To be sure, hide the dropbox until the groups have been organised.
  • Stress to students the point at which they cannot change groups. It is very difficult to move students between groups after submission – Learning Technologies will attempt to move them in an emergency, but there’s no guarantee it will work, so it’s much better to be safe by fixing the groups before submission.
And a big caveat:

Don’t mark with Turnitin blue pencil/Feedback Studio.  The link with Turnitin is only intended to provide an originality report and similarity score. Although it appears possible, it is not advised to mark using Feedback Studio within Moodle. Turnitin does not recognise groups, and the feedback may not properly cascade to the other members of the group.

There are lots of ways to mark a Moodle Assignment that can be used for your group, including:

  • Feedback Comments – typed text
  • Video or audio feedback via the MediaSpace button
  • Uploaded files, which can include a feedback form or rubric document, and/or an annotated version of the submission produced with Track Changes or a PDF annotator
  • A rubric that calculates the marks for you

For more information see our Help website:

How to enable group submissions in a Moodle assignment


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