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Introducing help.turnitin.com

February 22nd, 2019 at 03:02

Turnitin have advised us that from 9 March 2019, their help website at guides.turnitin.com will no longer be available. Instead, help.turnitin.com will become the new help and guidance site for Turnitin. (For University-specific guidance see the end of this post.)

  • New features: Users can now view refreshed and reorganised content, filter their search results by their product e.g. Feedback Studio, and use the language selector on the homepage to view available guidance in one of our 19 supported languages.
  • Bookmarks and new links: From 9 March, any bookmarks and saved links to guides.turnitin.com will redirect automatically to the help.turnitin.com homepage. To update your bookmarks or any links in your own guidance, check out this list of new links to Turnitin’s most frequently accessed guidance.

 help.turnitin.com will soon include:

  • A known issues section for Turnitin integrations such as the one with Moodle
  • A student guides refresh to add levity and clarity

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about the new site, please email guides-move@turnitin.com.

Our own guidance on using Turnitin should be the first stop for University of Nottingham users, as it’s customised to our own installation:

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