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Moodle & Rogo cutover makes for a Happy Christmas…

December 21st, 2018 at 12:12

Following the recent updates, Moodle/Rogo are now back in place. We have now cutover from SATURN to Campus Solutions data. This means:

  • New Campus Solutions module codes are now in the main titles of modules in Moodle with the old SATURN codes in brackets at the end of the title. This is only for 18-19 modules – nothing earlier has been changed.  For example:
    • Past Futures: Britain and the West After 1945 (HIST4058 UNUK) (AUT1 18-19) (V145RV)
  • We are manually working through the titles of parent modules and this is almost complete.
  • Rogo codes have also been updated.
  • Student IDs have been updated so are now in Campus format not SATURN format. We have updated any conditional resources for 18-19 based on Student ID.

A Happy Christmas from us, or compliments of whatever season you celebrate, to all our readers.

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