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Writing questions for quizzes in Moodle and Rogo

September 13th, 2018 at 07:09

Rogo e-assessmentWriting questions, such as multiple choice questions, for quizzes and tests, isn’t always easy. I like to try out quizzes sometimes and see if I can score well just by knowing how the questions work. It’s amazing how many online courses, MOOCs etc. I could have passed by gaming the quizzes…

Pitfalls to avoid

  • Try not to give clues for the correct option, e.g.,
  • Grammatical such as ending the stem with ‘an’ or ‘a’
  • Logical such as the correct item appearing in each option
  • Options that do not follow the stem grammatically or logically
  • Correct option is longer or more specific than others
  • Repeating a word in the correct option that is in the stem
  • Correct option includes the most element in common with other options
  • Avoid vague terms such ‘rarely’, ‘usually’, ‘always’ and ‘never’
  • Avoid negative questions such as ‘which of the following are not…’

Good practice

  • Put most of the detail in the stem and keep options short and roughly the same length
  • Make the options similar in grammatical structure and complexity
  • Ensure all distractors are plausible
  • Look at common errors and misconceptions as a source of distractors

Rogo-specific advice

  • Dichotomous and Extended Matching questions should have more than 1 stem. If not it is best to use an MCQ.
  • Only use Multiple Response when there is more than 1 correct option, otherwise use MCQ.
  • Multiple Response – If have 5 options where 4 are correct, the user can get 4 marks even if they select the 1 incorrect as well as 3 correct. Would be better as a MCQ asking for the 1 incorrect although negative questions not advised!
  • For image hotspots ensure the hotspot area is drawn correctly

Further Details

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