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FutureTeacher webinar: Using video Wednesday 26th September 1 pm

September 3rd, 2018 at 07:09

This month’s FutureTeacher webinar is Rich media part 3 – using video.

It’s on Wednesday 26th September 13:00 GMT

The FutureTeacher team invite anyone interested in teaching using video, as follows:

Video clips can make resources more engaging and explanations infinitely clearer. They can also ‘humanise’ resources by making the tutor ‘present’ in the resource. We explore how and where to source videos and how to use them creatively – and inclusively – in teaching and learning. We will also discuss the myriad of tools, techniques and caveats around curating, creating, editing and using video, in its extremely wide variety of forms, productively and effectively. As always, the Future Teacher resources we create will be creative commons resources that you can adapt for your own institutional training purposes.

How you can help:
1. Contribute your own experience/expertise as a guest presenter. We’d really like to hear from you asap if you are interested in delivering a guest speaker slot during the webinar. If you are please contact us directly via futureteacher @ learningapps.co.uk.
2. Join the Future teacher mailing list if you haven’t already and share your own examples and resources of how you use video in your own practice.
3. Take part in the pre session activities – we’ll be releasing three short video clips over the next few weeks. They’ll each have identical core content but we’ll be using different video approaches to communicate it – take part in the discussions and comparisons.
4. Pass on this information to your own networks.
5. Come to the session and – ideally – bring a friend.

As always, we’d ask you to only sign up to the webinar if you intend to attend on the day – this helps with planning and with purchasing appropriate online capacity. All sessions are recorded and made available through the FutureTeacher mailing list but the real value is participating in a live community with diverse experiences.

Sign up at https://xot.futureteacher.eu/play.php?template_id=4

Keep the date:
Hundreds of teachers, lecturers, tutors, trainers etc have contributed to and benefitted from FutureTeacher webinars over the last year. We are currently planning the UK’s Future Teacher conference event at the University of York on 9 Jan 2019. We’d love to meet you and your colleagues face to face – more information to come, but hold the date for now!


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