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Rolling over Reading Lists

May 23rd, 2018 at 09:05

As usual at this time of year our thoughts are already turning to the coming academic year and reading lists.  The Library Team have now created a copy of all the existing online reading lists ready for use in 18-19.

This year, in response to academic demand, all new copy lists have been given a status of “draft” so that they cannot be viewed by students until staff have checked them.

All lists for Semester 1 (including any new ones) must be edited and “published” by 1st August 2018.

How to make an existing list visible to students

  • Login to the reading list system (Talis Aspire).
  • Find your list using either the module code or keywords from the name.
  • If no changes are required – from within the list, simply click on publish under the edit menu

  •   If you want to edit the list or create a new one, see the guidance notes online.

NOTE: The Team also run regular training sessions.

Do contact the team:

  • If you are aware of modules that are no longer running, so that we can archive the list.
  • If you are the convenor of a completely new module so that we can set up a blank list for you to add your resources to.
  • If you need more help with creating a new online list

Reading list support service

If staff also require some assistance with creating a new online reading list, or maintaining an existing one, the team offers a Reading List Support Service via our dedicated email box. They can set up a list and help staff to get readings on to it – or help to amend an existing list for anyone unsure how to edit.

If staff want to take advantage of this service please contact the service well in advance of 1st August. The work involved in creating the list needs to be completed first so that lists can then enter the workflow for purchasing. At peak times backlogs can build up, sometimes taking several weeks to clear all requests for input.

Scanning Requests

The team can also scan book chapters and journal articles for reading lists under the Copyright Licensing Agency HE Licence. See the Scanning webpage for full details of the service and what can be scanned. All necessary licence checks will be made by library staff on receipt of requests.

Requests for scanning can be made either through your online reading list, by adding a library note “For digitisation” to an extract and submitting the list, or via direct email to our scanning service. Requests are welcome throughout the year and normally take up to two weeks from request.

Again, to guarantee scans are available for the start of Semester 1 please ensure requests reach the team by the 1 August.

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