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Formatting assignment submissions for Turnitin assignments

February 8th, 2018 at 11:02

We recommend that students submit PDFs to Turnitin assignments rather than Word or any other format. This is recommended UNLESS module convenors specifically request students submit in Word, PowerPoint or another format.

During processing Turnitin converts documents to PDF. This can (rarely) cause changes to formatting, such as number of pages, or the presence of italics, e.g., in references.

To avoid being marked down, we recommend students use Word to Save As > PDF so that you can view the final PDF and ensure it is exactly as you wish it to appear in Turnitin for marking. Word is available on all University computers and via Office 365 including online access and free apps for all students. (It’s a good idea to use Word and not other PDF converters as they may produce a type of PDF that isn’t compatible with Turnitin).

When creating your document, please also adhere to the other requirements for Turnitin submissions which can be found in Student Moodle help at “Turnitin (& Moodle) assignment submission checklisthttp://bit.ly/TurnitinFiles

For staff: if an assignment has been submitted in Word or other format, you can mark the PDF version in Feedback Studio, but before penalising formatting errors, please check the formatting by downloading the original file from Moodle. The screenshot below shows where you need to press to download the file in its original format.

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