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Sign up for a MOOC from the University of Nottingham including The Qur’an and E-learning for Health

January 11th, 2018 at 03:01

The University of Nottingham has some interesting MOOCs – free online courses – coming up in the near future.

The Qur’an Between Judaism and Christianity. Starts Monday 15th January

Get an introduction to the history of the Qur’an, and its relationship with Judaism and Christianity. This online course will illustrate how the Qur’an situates itself as part of, and as a correction to, the religious discourse of the Jewish and Christian communities of Late Antique Arabia.  The course will use the Qur’an, as well as Jewish and Christian historical documents, to reconstruct the religious landscape to which the Muslim scripture reacts in a pointed, precise and nuanced way.

This will give you a historically more informed understanding of nascent Islam, and will allow you to reconsider many of theological and cultural tenets of Late Antique Judaism and Christianity.

Designing E-Learning For Health – starts Monday 12 February

The Health E-Learning and Media Team (HELM) at the School of Health Sciences  are re-running the open online course Designing E-Learning for Health. Designing E-Learning for Health is a free 5 week course aimed at anyone who has an interest in designing e-learning resources. The team will introduce their tried and tested methodology which can also be adapted to other areas of teaching, not just in healthcare education.

The course starts on 12th February 2018 and requires a time commitment of around 3 hours per week from participants. Designing eLearning for Health is open for sign up now via the FutureLearn platform. The course is free to access and anyone is welcome to sign up regardless of educational background or level of knowledge in the area.

The Politics of Economics and the Economics of Politicians: Starts Monday 12 February

Investigate links between economics and politicians with Sir Vince Cable and leading economists at the University of Nottingham.

How does economics impact on politicians? And how do politicians impact on economics? You will study both contemporary economics and the political leaders who have put key economic theories into practice throughout history. Learn from experts in the field. The course is led by Sir Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Honorary Professor of Economics at the University of Nottingham. You will also learn from leading economists at the University of Nottingham, including Head of School Professor Kevin Lee and Professor of Political Economy Cecilia Testa.

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