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Archiving of 15-16 Moodle modules on Friday 7th October

October 5th, 2016 at 10:10

At the end of every academic year, Moodle modules for the previous year are archived. At midnight (UK time) on Friday 7th October all modules dated in the 15-16 academic year will be archived. The archive process is expected to take up to 36 hours but there should be no effect on users’ experience of of Moodle as it’s a background process.

What does archiving mean?

  • Modules from 15-16 will disappear from the Current Modules tab in the Module Overview on My Home
  • They will from then on be found under the Archived Modules tab in your Module Overview
  • You can still access all modules you were enrolled on in previous years (via the Archived Modules tab)
  • Modules that are archived become “read only” and are fixed in the state they were taught, so no further changes can be made
  • Those with category roles such as student support will no longer have access to the modules. Contact learning-technologies@nottingham.ac.uk if temporary access is needed to one of the archived modules.

What if I don’t want my modules archived?

While all 15-16 modules have a default archive date of 7 October 2016 (and similarly for each year), the archive date can be extended for a short period if the module needs to be “live” for longer, for example postgraduate modules where students are still submitting assignments through the autumn term.  Editing teachers can select a later archive date. In the Year End and Archive block click Archive date and set a new date, e.g., 30 November 2016. Ensure this date is no later than absolutely necessary.

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