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Assessing students with video #3: Examples from HE

July 5th, 2016 at 09:07

In the third in our series about assessing students by asking them to create videos, we look at three examples from other HE institutions in the past few years.

Professor Marcos Martinon-Torres, UCL Archaeology, used video to boost student engagement in an undergraduate archeaometallurgy module. In the blog post Would a student travel 270 miles to write an essay? How video assignments can boost student engagement the results of his experiment are explored. Students were asked to create a five-minute documentary on a topic relevant to the module, and the video was aimed at the general public.  The technical side of creating videos was far less of an issue than expected, and while video took much longer than the average essay to produce, the students enjoyed it and many gained much higher marks than they ever had for an essay.

The Prof’s advice? “I would encourage anyone to consider doing this. As well as the advantages to the students, it is also much more fun to oversee and mark than yet another essay. And in terms of challenge and difficulties, I’ve been surprised by how easy it has been.”

Dr Vikki Burns from the University of Birmingham asked her third year undergraduates in an Exercise and Behavioural Immunology class at the University of Birmingham to make three-minute videos that summarized a recent relevant scientific article. They were judged against the FameLab criteria of Content, Creativity and Charism.

One used Darth Vader to explain how exercise affects asthma, one created fruit juice cocktails to show how aging and exercise influence thymic function, and another used hand drawings to illustrate the effects of bereavement on immunity. In her blog post Why more students should dress up as Darth Vader in class, Vikki says: “It really unleashed their creativity, forced them to think deeply about what they understood and how they could explain it, and also gave me the opportunity to correct any misunderstandings that were revealed by these short videos.”

At the University of Derby, the Business School have tried to extend the use of online assessment and feedback through the use of video submissions, employing both screen capture and ‘live action’ technologies. Based on projects from local SMEs, students are asked to produce a video for the company directors which explains how the students would address the issue concerned. Vic Curtis and Rob Moon conclude that “the most important consequence of this video approach to assessment is the depth of the learning achieved” See more at: The use of video in assessment of business and enterprise modules, 

At the University of Nottingham, if you’d like to add a video assignment to your module (or use video in any way) you can get help from the Learning Technology Consultants and the Media Production Group. Contact us at learning-technologies@nottingham.ac.uk in the first instance.

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