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Giving credit to the author [Moodle images #2]

June 24th, 2016 at 09:06

Angelique Bodart writes: Someone once told me about a time they went to a conference to learn about others’ research on their subject of interest, only to hear their own research spouted back to them by one of the speakers, without any acknowledgement.  When you put hard work into creating something, the last thing you want to happen is its re-use without any acknowledgement: it feels a bit like theft.  That’s unless of course you’ve made it available in the ‘public domain’ allowing anyone and everyone to chop and change and share it as they wish with no reference to you at all just to get it out there, far and wide.  But most people don’t do this.

Most people want a little credit, even if they give you freedom of use and amendment.  So, how can you acknowledge the work of others, particularly when it comes to images? Or ensure your own copyright is protected?

In Moodle there’s an attribution tool as part of the image upload process – where you own the image – that allows you to enter your details as the copyright holder, the date it was put out there, and the type of copyright associated with it.  It’s a quick and easy way to ensure you get credit. You can also give acknowledgement to the author of any uploaded image and avoid the copyright police. For Flickr we have developed a Flickr public plugin which allows users to search Flickr and automatically applies the attribution data to the image. Even simpler!

If you want to know more about copyright, here’s a post made by a UK law firm that explains it further in a reasonably user-friendly way and the University of Nottingham’s guidance on copyright.

Below is a video about how to add an attribution to your images in Moodle, particularly for images you obtain from Flickr, and how to check the copyright licence associated with them so you know exactly how you can use and best acknowledge them in your module.

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Angelique Bodart

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