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Enhancing your module with images [Moodle images #1]

June 17th, 2016 at 01:06

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words, but they can also be a way to encourage you to read the words as they draw your eye as you scroll down.  Images break up text and give the reader a rest from reading. They enhance the look of a page by adding a bit of colour.

The important thing to remember when you’re adding an image to your module in Moodle is the sizing.  You want it big enough to be recognised by the viewer – even if subconsciously in the way an icon would be – but not too big that it becomes imposing or distorts the surrounding text.  This all sounds a bit OTT for just adding an image, I know, but there are optimum sizes for images depending on what you’re using them for.  My advice is that you try to stick to them as much as possible to make sure your image is having the right effect.  For example, a square icon should be 50*50 pixels, however if you’re working with a rectangle then the smallest side should be 50, as below.



Icon 50*70     Small logo 100*150            Large logo/small image 150*200


                 Large image 250*350

If you need to add in an image bigger than this, because it’s essential to the course, then it’s best to upload it as a file or place it with a collection of images in a folder, along with a zip of them all for easy download.  Remember, the maximum file size is 250Mb, so if yours is larger than this you’ll need to zip it up to compress it.

Below is a video about how to add images, change the sizing and most importantly, how to add an image description, so that screen readers don’t just glance over it.


Angelique Bodart

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