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Submitting assignments through Moodle and successfully using Turnitin

April 22nd, 2016 at 08:04

Coursework submission period has come round again and it’s time to offer you some tips to successfully submit assignments through Moodle including Turnitin.

  1. There is a current known issue that Turnitin GradeMark does not load in Safari browsers – it affects both staff marking and students viewing feedback and the workaround is to use a different browser, such as Chrome. This will be fixed next time we upgrade the Turnitin plugin
  2. We’ve put together a Turnitin and Moodle assignment checklist – checking this BEFORE  submitting will help reduce the chances of your submission not being uploaded.  Particularly check file sizes and file types.
  3. If you have submitted the wrong document it’s usually possible to re-submit it if it’s still before the deadline. Go back to the submission page and overwrite your original submission. It will not match in Turnitin against your previous paper. (It does depend on how the assignment dropbox has been set up.)
  4. (University of Nottingham only for this one)  You can test your essay in the Test Your Text module (it won’t count as a match in your real module). The link to Test Your text is at the top of every Moodle page. This won’t match against your real submission. But remember students have only one originality report in each 24 hour period, so if you are going to test your text, do it well in advance of the deadline.
  5. Give yourself plenty of time – submit well before the deadline to allow for problems and so that the system isn’t as busy as it can get two minutes before the deadline passes.

If you do encounter an issue please contact: learning-technologies@nottingham.ac.uk

Looking at a Turnitin assignment for your receipt and feedback:

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