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Six tips for successful Turnitin submissions

November 12th, 2015 at 01:11

As we enter the coursework deadline period we are starting to get a lot of queries about submitting to Turnitin and Moodle assignment

Here are six top tips to ensure your assignment submission is uploaded successfully without you needing to contact us!

  1. If you are submitting an assignment to a Turnitin or Moodle Assignment then please visit our Turnitin and Moodle assignment checklist before submitting. This will help reduce the chances of your submission not being uploaded.
  2. If your submission is going through Turnitin, ensure it’s a type of file that Turnitin will accept (PDF is usually a good bet – but ensure it has highlightable text, e.g., not a scanned image): More on filetypes
  3. Your paper should not be over 20 MB – though you’ll be glad to hear that the file size limit will soon be going up to 40 MB (watch this space!)
  4. (University of Nottingham only for this one)  Test your essay in the Test Your Text module (it won’t count as a match in your real module). The link is at the top of every Moodle page!
  5. If possible, please submit at a time that is unlikely to be busy, i.e. preferably not two minutes before the deadline passes.
  6. Students can get only one originality report in 24 hours – so while you can submit multiple times in a day, Turnitin will generate only one report (so check your submissions well in advance)

Following these tips should ensure that your submission is uploaded without any problems.

If you do encounter an issue please contact: learning-technologies@nottingham.ac.uk

Thanks to Alvaro Roberts, Learning Technology Consultant for the Faculty of Science, for tips.

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