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Tracking student activity in your Moodle module

January 15th, 2015 at 10:01

Moodle reports on activity in your module  – including logs and reports on student activity – are available in a new place in Moodle 2.6.

In the Administration block, you’ll find Reports (see right).

There are five report types available in Moodle:  Logs, Live Logs, Activity Report, Module Participation and Statistics.  Tracking information via these reports can be useful because it allows you to check, e.g.,

  • Which students have accessed a particular resource or activity (perhaps to send a reminder to those who haven’t)
  • Which particular activities an individual student has accessed (to monitor progress)
  • Which students visited any part of the module page on a particular day or range of days

In the Administration block on the left (formerly called Settings  block), under Module Administration click on Reports and select the report you require.


Log reports are best used to refer to raw logs showing who has been accessing the module and what they were doing on a particular day.  You can sort them by

  • all participants or  a particular user;
  • all groups or a particular group of users;
  • all days or a particular day;
  • a particular activity or resource
  • action (e.g., View or Post)

You can download the Log as an Excel document, or text, or view it on the page.  Live logs are the most recent logs

Example: Check whether a particular student visited your module on a particular day

Activity report

The activity report is best used to check overall views of resources and activities.

Example: if you notice a particular resource or activity has had minimum activity and was last accessed two weeks ago you may want to send out a message via Module Announcements to all students notifying them to take part/view it.

Module Participation report

The Module Participation report is best used to refer to individual activity for a particular resource or activity in terms of views and participation.  From this report you can Send a message to e.g. students that have not participated to remind them.  You can look back over a period of your choice, from a few days to three months.

Example: Students are expected to participate in a discussion forum during a particular week. Towards the end of the week, view a report of which students have  seen it and which have looked and not posted or not looked at all. The missing students can then be reminded that they haven’t completed the task.

Activity completion 

If you have completion tracking set in your module, you’ll also have an option here to view activity completion. You can set it up on the key activities in your module.

Example: Students are expected to complete a number of activities to complete the course. The key activities are set up with completion criteria and the report on Activity Completion can be downloaded as a spreadsheet to easily see which students have completed the activities. They can then be reminded about the ones they have missed.

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