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Using Moodle forums #1: subscription options

January 14th, 2015 at 03:01

This is the first in a series of posts about using Moodle Forums. Every Moodle.Nottingham module has a News & Announcements “forum” in it, usually towards the top. The name will vary but this is the one-way communication channel for staff to send messages to students. This forum is automatically set to send emails to participants when one is written, as well as showing it in the Latest News block.

Other forums can be added to your module, and for those you have the choice of subscription mode

The default setting for a standard forum is optional subscription meaning that students have to actively subscribe to the forum in order to see the messages in their inbox. We recommend changing this setting to auto subscription which automatically subscribes students to the forum while also allowing them to opt out. this means that they can see the first message or messages – so they are reminded that the forum has been set up – while able to choose to turn off these alerts in their email in-box if they instead choose to keep in touch with the forum by visiting it directly.

The other settings are forced subscription (equivalent to the News and Announcements forum – students are auto-subscribed and cannot turn the alerts off) and no subscription (subscription to alerts is not possible).

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