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Tips on question re-use in Rogō

February 21st, 2014 at 04:02

question bank tasksIf you want to re-use a Rogo question you first need to find the question. An easy way of searching for a question from a paper is to choose one of the options under Question Bank Tasks. The first 3 options allow you to search under one parameter (Type, Team or Keyword) but if you want to run a more detailed search you should select the Search option.

The screenshot below shows the results of a Questions by Type search where Fill-in-the-Blank has been selected and this was restricted to my questions only (see tick box top right). A list of questions is displayed that match your search options. If you click on a question once and select the Quick View option under Current Question Tasks you will see a preview of the question which allows you to see if this a question that you want to use.

list of questions from search results

When you find a question that you may want to use, you can look at information about it to see where it has previously been used. Details about re-use will help you decide whether you want to use the question and if you think you may want to make changes to the question you should create a new copy by copying to your paper (Copy onto Paper X…). If you do not need to make any changes you can select the Link to Paper X… option.

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