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New location for blog about MOOCs

1 November 29th, 2013 at 10:11

If you’ve read this blog regularly you probably know that we occasionally blog about matters to do with NOOCs (Nottingham Open Online Courses) and MOOCs (Massive Open Onlne Courses).  The date is fast approaching for the launch of the University of Nottingham’s first MOOC on the FutureLearn platform, Sustainability, Society and You - it’ll start on January 6th 2014 but you can sign up now and so can your families, relatives, friends and anyone else anywhere in the world who would like to explore Sustainability issues in our lives (it’s free and open to all).

In honour of this event, we’ve started a new blog relating to Nottingham’s MOOCs, MOOCs in general and our MOOC topics such as Sustainability.  Please feel free to join us at:

Nottingham’s Massive Open Online Courses blog

Recent posts include:

There’ll be less on MOOCs on this blog in future so don’t forget to check out that one too!

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