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Creating word clouds – using tagxedo.com

July 10th, 2013 at 10:07

Creating a word cloud is a great way to liven up a webpage or Moodle module page.  A word cloud could be a welcome message, a glimpse of important concepts, an analysis of a key text, or any combination of words.  Wordle.net was one of the first services to do this, but I rather like tagxedo.com, also free, because it has a variety of interesting shapes. I’ve even used it with Christmas carol text and the Christmas tree shape to make Christmas cards…

  1. Go to: http://www.tagxedo.com/   (If one browser doesn’t work, try a different one – it only works for me in Firefox).
    To select your options:
  2. Click “Load”
  3. Choose a webpage to analyse, upload a file, or paste in some text.
  4. Click Submit
    Now choose other options (they have “respin” buttons which randomly change the settings, so you can always try that to see if anything interesting comes up).
  5. Choose Color or Theme (i.e. set of matching colours)
  6. Choose Font
  7. Choose Orientation (e.g., mostly horizontal, vertical, mixed horizontal and vertical, or Any)
  8. Choose Shape – this is is crucial – tagxedo has a wonderful selection of shapes from simple “clouds” to a map of Africa
  9. You can then use the Word / Layout options to skip or exclude certain words and otherwise tweak the result.
  10. Now Click Save | Share to choose how to save your output (e.g., IMG then 1 MP JPG to download an image version to your computer to upload elsewhere, e.g., to Moodle) or create code to embed, or share on the Tagxedo Gallery.

Here’s an example created from the wording of this blog post… in the shape of a whale. Why not?

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