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e-Portfolio Pioneers – Community of Practice Report: #2 Multiple purposes

January 18th, 2013 at 09:01

This is the second in a series of guest posts from Kirstie Coolin:

The first e-Portfolio Pioneers – Community of Practice Seminar was held on 7th December 2012 bringing together those trialling or implementing e-Portfolio activities and processes.  In this series of blog posts I will be reporting back on the projects and discussing what we have learned so far.

Multiple purposes for multiple contexts – implementing new practice

In 2011, Dr Gordon Joyes and Dr Angela Smallwood (The University of Nottingham) developed an e-Portfolio Implementation (EPI) Toolkit on behalf of Jisc to share practice, lessons and success factors derived from study of over 20 Universities/Colleges from around the world. In addition to a rich resource of case study exemplars, the study developed a set of e-Portfolio implementation principles underpinning a change model for successful and wide-scale use of the tool for any context.

The stages of implementation are underpinned by five principles:

eportfolio implementation 5 stagesThe 5 principles; Purpose, Learning Activity, Processes, Ownership and Transformation emerged from the studies as key themes within every stage of implementation and we are endeavouring to follow this model at the University. For an in depth analysis of these, visit the EPI guidance for practitioners and senior managers.

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