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Xenith Project: Use Case

October 15th, 2012 at 10:10

Xenith Project: Use Cases
The project will add HTML5 delivery capability to Xerte Online Toolkits with significant benefits for its user community. Xerte Online Toolkits is well established, in use in hundreds of institutions around the world with an active and enthusiastic community of users and developers. Developers of rich, interactive learning materials are increasingly challenged to deliver content to a wide range of devices. This project will allow users of Xerte Online Toolkits to deliver new and existing content to a much wider range of devices than is currently possible, and content that has already been developed in Xerte Online Toolkits will benefit from the additional delivery options. Content developers will be able to exploit emerging pedagogies for a variety of devices. Xerte Online Toolkits facilitates simple publication and licensing of content via the Xpert repository. HTML5 will help improve discoverability.

For Institutions
For new users, the software distribution will be updated to include the new functionality, and existing users will be able to upgrade their existing installations using the files in the distribution. Upgrading an existing Xerte Online Toolkits 1.7 installation will be straightforward. This software upgrade will open up a wide range of opportunities for institutions to enhance support for learners offsite with accessible resources. This positively impacts institutional teaching, learning and disability policies.

For Tutors and Academics
Subject specialists with limited technical skill will be able to rapidly author content that is interactive, inclusive, shareable and as accessible on a mobile device as a desktop. This will be particularly welcome in sectors such as work based learning and adult community learning where budgets and skill levels may be low but the need for user-friendly, ubiquitous resources is very high.

For Content Developers
Content developers will benefit from the increased range of devices that can consume the content they produce, and existing content from the additional HTML5 output.

For Technical Developers
Developers will benefit from an easily extensible suite of tools allowing them to simply develop and plugin new templates to extend the functionality of Xerte Online Toolkits to manage the creation of additional or specialist content.

For the OER Community
The project will collaborate with Mimas. The JLeRN Experiment is exploring ways for educational communities to share, use and expose paradata about learning resources, including usage data, social sharing data, and data about educational context. The architecture of Xerte Online Toolkits gives us a good opportunity to capture paradata about who is using our resources and how. We will begin by exploring how we can publish resources to the Learning Registry, how we might capture ratings, comments and other paradata from learners, and what mutual affordances the JLeRN Experiment can provide.

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