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PARiS resources are live

June 29th, 2012 at 09:06

PARiS Sustainability Theme

The bulk of the work in recent weeks in this strand of the project has been focussed on converting the fiveexisting Nottingham Advantage Award modules into on-line versions. The academic content team have also been working to create the five new modules that have been commissioned as part of the project and will become part of the Advantage award from September 2012.

The five existing resources that have been converted and published so far are:

1. Internships and Placements

2. Skills for Employability

3. Career Planning Skills

4. Peer Mentoring

5. International Peer Mentoring

The  links above go directly to the resources which skips the metadata pages in U-Now. If you want to have a look at the resources by navigating through U-Now, you can find them all here. If you follow this route you will also see the Careers Skills in Economics module, which is another Advantage Award offering that was published a few years ago.

The 5 newly created modules will be published in July, along with comments from the authors regarding their experiences of designing modules with openness in mind.

You are also able to stay up to date with changes and receive the now modules that will be added soon by subscribing to the Nottingham Advantage Award RSS available through U-Now.

Once all of the modules are available the project will move into the evaluation phase. This will start in July/August leaving 2 months to gather and analyse the data ahead of writing up the final project report, which is due in mid-October.

PARiS Ear Foundation Theme

The bulk of the work in this theme has also been on the content creation side of things. A number of interactive resources are being developed as well as some face to face materials. These resources aren’t due to be published until August, making it quite a tight turn around for the evaluation. To ensure we don’t run out of time, we have started work on identifying people that will do the evaluation and are scheduling in slots for them to do use the resources and feedback to us. One of the main user groups of the materials will be teachers of the deaf who have identified a need for the resources to use when supporting teaching assistants. The timing of the evaluation couldn’t be better for this user group, as August is one of the key professional development months for teaching assistants and will allow us to gather some useful data about how the resources are used and rated.

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