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New features in Moodle

May 8th, 2012 at 12:05

Titles of modules in MoodleA block that provides navigation between sections/topics and one that provides WebCT learning-module-type functionality are just two of the improvements recently made to Nottingham’s Moodle.

Module titles

The full names of modules now appear automatically at the top of the central column on every module front page. This paves the way for the School banners which will appear above that in the next upgrade.


Improvements to the theme

There have been quite a few improvements to the Moodle Nottingham theme, including to the CSS to correct some of the formatting and display errors that were occurring. For example hyperlinks are now properly coloured and underlined to make them more distinguishable. The Moodle theme too will see more improvement and interest as we approach September.

New blocks – Simple Navigation & Section Navigation

A much requested feature, the Simple Navigation block automatically provides links to each Topic or Section via a Section title listing. Clicking on one of these takes the user to the Topic using the condensed format of just the top general block and the Topic. It uses the Section titles that you enter in your module, so choose and enter those titles carefully.

The Section Navigation (or Topic Navigation) block provides a functionality we hope will help with migration of WebCT Learning Modules. It provides navigation through the items in a particular section and can be added to the page for each item.

A demo of both of these blocks is given in the following video:

Medical School  & Business School

We have a new course format that is based on the Medical School’s timetable. This is designed to support the move from the NLE.

There’s also a new Participate block, designed for the Business School but probably of interest elsewhere in the University – it provides for all students who are Observers in a category to go into a module and have a look at it and then choose to “participate” – i.e. to be fully enrolled in it in Moodle (leaving only the usual registration steps via the School and student records system).

We’ve also added one or two more “behind the scenes” admin features that will make it easier to enrol and to manage users.

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