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The Guardian’s Higher Education Network

1 January 13th, 2012 at 09:01

guardian he networkHave you seen the Guardian newspaper’s Higher Education Network? It was set up last year aimed at those that work in and with higher education: “an online space where higher education professionals can talk to one other, get advice and insight from peers and industry experts and grapple with the challenges that face the whole sector”.

Obviously it’s a platform for the Guardian to promote its own events and jobs in the HE sector, and some of what comes up in the HE Network is taken from the Guardian’s general education coverage, but it’s also community-driven, so that you’re likely to find an article, blog post, reader’s view, or discussion on at least one subject you’re interested in.  There are “hubs” including professional development, policy, student experience and technology.   Student experience, for example, is hosting a live chat on Engaging undergraduates in research: live chat, today Friday 13 January

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