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Improving the student experience & reducing administrative load

January 12th, 2012 at 11:01

Anna Bertram talking at the e-learning communityOn Weds 11th January 2012, the e-learning community meeting discussed improving the student experience and reducing the administrative load.

Topic details: Around 250 first-year undergraduates take Chemistry laboratory modules in which they carry out 20 different experiments during the course of the year, generating over 5000 laboratory reports. This year, Dr Wright and Dr Bertram have used many of the software tools available to teaching staff at Nottingham (VLE, Rogo, Turnitin, Office) to develop online resources for labs as well as for lecture courses. The motivation for this project was to improve the student experience, in particular to improve feedback by using electronic marking — students can obtain more detailed feedback on their work and as soon as it has been marked. Additionally, the electronic resources that were developed along with electronic marking reduce the administrative load on the teaching and technical staff associated with the laboratories modules.

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