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e-Learning Community: Liaising with students on placement

1 December 1st, 2011 at 11:12

On Weds 9th November 2011, the e-learning community meeting discussed uses of technology to support students on placement. Details and links to the presentations below…

1] Judith Wayte (Project Placement Officer – Biosciences)

Every year, Biosciences has about 100 taught postgraduates who require industrial placements. They can be based anywhere in this country or abroad, and tracking, communicating and maintaining links with them can be difficult. Dr Wayte will briefly discuss the eportfolio project with which Biosciences has been involved as a way of running placements. She will demonstrate how the school has used eportfolios to improve the placements process and how the school is now using Mahara and eportfolios both with postgraduates and now with undergraduates.


2] Richard Windle (Senior Lecturer in e-learning – Nursing, Midwifery and Physiotherapy)

Dr Windle will outline the current issues faced in practice-based placements and in particular the new graduate nursing programme. He will go on to discuss how PebblePAD will fit into this and indicate how materials such as RLOs can also be used to support practice-based learning.

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