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TouchStone…New Name…Rogō

November 3rd, 2011 at 05:11

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A new version of TouchStone has been released with new functionality and a new name! Rogō 4.1 has some new features developed to meet the requirements identified by users within the University.



Maths/Chemistry equation editor

An equation editor has been added to Rogō to allow the inclusion of equations in question text fields. This allows things such as the symbols, bonds and reactions used in Maths and Chemistry to be shown within equations.

 Enhanced marking

The way that questions are marked has been made more flexible to better meet the requirements of different schools using Rogō. These enhancements are:

  • Selection of marking by question or option (for questions with parts that can be marked independently)
  • Selection of marks given for correctly answered questions/options
  • Selection of the number of negative marks given for incorrectly answered questions

 Enhanced Labelling Question

The labelling question type has been enhanced to allow graphics to be used as labels. Students drag labels into correct positions instead of text labels. This new functionality requires graphics for the labels to be imported into the question as well as the main graphic.

 Language Support

To support potential international collaborations, a facility to run the program in different languages has been included. Developers can configure the software to display text in their language.

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