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Transforming Assessment webinar 5 Oct: Moodle 2.1 quiz rationale

September 26th, 2011 at 07:09

Colleagues may be interested in this webinar on Wednesday, 5 October 2011 “OpenLearn – Rationale behind the new Moodle 2.1 Quiz” with presenter Phil Butcher (Open University, UK).

“In 2005 the Open University in the UK chose to use Moodle as its main VLE and in so doing committed considerable resources to the on-going development of Moodle. One of the areas that was, and is, of particular interest to us is online assessment and we agreed to provide someone to look after, and develop further, the Moodle Quiz. Tim Hunt has fulfilled this role admirably since 2006.

“Prior to our involvement in Moodle the university had developed its own OpenMark system and had long experience of interactive questions. As OpenMark was our own system it reflected the university’s approach to interactive content and instant feedback. Part of Tim Hunt’s role has been to bring some of the design features of OpenMark into Moodle.

“His solution evolved into the fully re-engineered Question engine which was released in July 2011 in Moodle 2.1 and will be described in this presentation.

“Alongside the re-engineered question engine the university is also developing a raft of new question types, again based on OpenMark designs. We anticipate that most of these will be released in early 2012 alongside Moodle 2.2. Some of these will also be discussed.

“Read more about the OU’s developments of Moodle’s eAssessment facilities including question types, quizzes and OpenMark at http://labspace.open.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=3484. Please note that this site is still running under Moodle 1.9 but does include the new question engine albeit without the new question types.”

Audience members are encouraged to participate and contribute.
Where: Online via your web browser (in your home or office!) using the Wimba virtual classroom.
To join the webinar go to:
(Note: please run the set-up wizard – it is advisable to test prior to the start time – no password is required for audience members).
Help/FAQ at http://www.transformingassessment.com/events_help.php

Please RSVP: So that the organisers can gauge expected numbers they have asked that attendees please RSVP via email to: ‘rsvp at transformingassessment.com’
Please use the subject line: “RSVP webinar 5 Oct 2011″

This one is particularly for colleagues in China and Malaysia as it’s organised out of Australia and is at 16:30 Adelaide time whihc is 2 pm China / Malaysia (7 am in the UK).

This is part of a series of free webinars on the subject of e-assessment supported by The University of Adelaide, The University of Queensland and RMIT University.

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